Qualities of a Good Link Builder – A Guide for Beginners

In many ways, link building is an art, commerce and science.  While it might seem quite clear-cut and technically sound, there’s a shocking amount of creative skills that move into identifying and pleading likely link building opportunities as part of an overall digital marketing strategy in Internet Marketing.

Please keep in mind; everyone working in the SEO field currently is not necessarily suitable for link building in proper manner. Whether you’re planning to hire a link builder to join your team or you’re outsourcing the projects to a professional link building company, kindly consider who meets the following criteria.

A quality link builder bears following criteria:

Curious & Prompt – In the world of SEO, there are no “sure thing”, “tactics”, “quick rich formulas” techniques that guarantee good search performances and high ranking fortnightly.  As a result, link builders need to be curious and conscious enough to explore what’s working (and what isn’t) – set goals and priorities instead of taking standard practices into implementation.

Planned & Organized – At the same time, the incredible amount of data are being executed means that; link builders must be familiar with monthly plans and organized to keep track of link building practices like link exchange, links built, blog rolls, forum posting, blog commenting and any follow-ups which are important to bring promising results.

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Persistent without frustration – Potential link partners aren’t in rush to create these valuable connections or relation building (link building), It means; link builders must be persistent and focused to work vigorously. Following up and cross verification of successful request at appropriate intervals is one factor in appreciable link building process.

Attentive to details – When determining whether or not a link prospect is a good fit for your company’s marketing aims, there are a numerous criteria that should be considered – from relevancy of content, targeted audience, the linking site’s genuine Page-Rank to its traffic on monthly basis, number of existing outgoing links on the same page, etc.  As a result, who aren’t non-attentive will waste time pursuing non-productive links.

Self-motivated – As we know and familiar with tedious tasks of link building on regular basis, it sometimes considered as monotonous. A good link builder knows how to be motivated and get the work done successfully – even if his efforts don’t immediately result in measurable SERPs gains or sometimes even rejections.

Knowledgeable about SEO Updates – Apparently, as link building is an SEO function, it’s essential that link builders should understand how their work justifies into an overall strategy. The ongoing SEO training on off-page optimization techniques are a must for these backbones. As we know knowledge is power; and that will boost their active participation and engage them productively in tactical SEO planning.

Skilled with HTML & CSS – The links are (anchor text) essentially part that connect two websites – hyperlink, a working knowledge of basic HTML is fundamental for link builders. Though in major cases, it’s the referring website (partner’s website) that will host the link. The link-builders may be aware and access tags to manage links.

Enthusiastic to adopt new updates and be Eager to grasp Learning – Although ongoing training is crucial for link builders – and still there are plethora of resources available online for practicing this information – these guys should carry an instinct / burning desire to learn latest updates and improve their skills professionally.

Influential and Smart – Recurrently, building links requires that our SEO team-members convince sources to add referral links (our links) to their relevant sites. The understanding of negotiation practices, for-casting and advocacy ability is a “must have” for any professional link builder.

The Best SEO Practices and Tips 2012

SEO, or search engine optimization is a hot topic to be discussed and debated for webmasters and entire community. Special studies is being executed all over the world, where results indicate that when someone is looking for something, they start generally by “searching for whatever it is” online as per their requirements. SEO is not dead yet as many would like you to believe, but it is constantly changing (because SEs are dynamic) and as new factors come into play and others (old) go. In addition, S.E.O. is treated as piece of a puzzle, now included in a much larger scale called “Inbound Marketing” rather than Internet Marketing for visibility or ranking only.

As I mentioned previously, the best SEO Practices have not really change that much, as the most important ranking factors pretty much remained unchanged. Yes… It is the truth for whom; are following ethical practices or white hat techniques.

If you might be a complete newbie to this whole SEO thing (Internet marketing), if that is the situation, I strongly suggest you to read and consider the following points, before anything else (i.e Implementation of SEO Strategies). This published article is based on organic SEO guidelines and major on page SEO Factors provide a lot of ethical information that are valuable to rank high in SEs. It will obviously introduce you to the basic concepts of website optimization for search engines and a bit more for your understanding.

Remaining Onsite / On Page SEO Factors for 2012

9. HTML Friendly & W3C validation

It is important to validate your website with W3C class validation. It should comply basic HTML & CSS rules, so that your website become search engine friendly. It gives immense pleasure to the web owner by increasing its visibility over the globe and to rank high in major search engine.

10. Set-up ‘Webmaster Tools’.

You may set Google Webmaster Tools with your website to monitor ongoing process. It helps you to identify any loopholes and you may diagnose indexes, crawler, internal links, external links and content related issue. You may handle sitemaps also through Google Webmaster Tool.

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Simple SEO Guidelines for all webmasters – 2012

When optimizing your own or client’s website, it is utmost important to know (and stick closely to) the webmaster guidelines of the three major search engines: Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Miss out to follow these guidelines or treated guidelines lightly could result in your website’s penalty by the search engines (In Ranking or / and Page Rank loss). In the worst scenario, results in the removal of your website from search results or de-indexing entirely. In their guidelines, which are being published periodically, the search giants outline things (i.e. Google Panda Updates or Penguin Update), that website owners should do (and not do) to ensure that their web pages are visible in the search engines and appropriate for related community.

Onsite / On Page SEO Factors for 2012

1. Generating Unique, Authentic, User-Friendly and quality information ‘Content’ on subjective topics / Industry specific topics.

It is does not necessary to write in a superior manner that can be understood by highly qualified persons, but you should write in an ideal manner with unique quality content which make every visitor a happy reading. Keep in mind – Content is KING.

2. Customized ‘URL Structure’ based on targeted keywords.

Your URL structure is a main part that will be observed by visitors and search engine crawlers. You should construct it properly so that crawler can easily access your web-page. More over, from URL itself, visitors can also understand or having generalize idea about your web-page, its matter and area of information you are covering.

3. Write unique ‘Title Tags’ for each page. Give your page a descent Introduction.

Title indicates the high value. Every page represents something special. It must have a unique & meaningful title instead of “Untitled” or “Index” or “Name of the Company”…. It has importance in SEO to identify relevancy of the page with search result and content as well.

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SEO Tips and Guidelines that are helpful in 2012

These tips will enable you to handle Panda or Penguin Update and save you from loosing destructive search engine position.

Here are few “SEO 2012 Basics Tips” which help you to grow your website branding even in tough competition. It will also help to make your site user-friendly and drive more traffic towards your website. More over,

This information will not make you able to become a search engine expert / genius overnight, however you need to get started in the right way with knowledge and basis understand in right direction using white hat techniques. It’s obvious that you know very little to nothing about search engine optimization at the beginning but – To be succeeding, you really need a lot to understand and execute in proper manner.

Here’s my common observations / tips: The worst and common mistake you could do right now is; To buy popular SEO books and tools and spend months of reading all about it. Find meanings as per your belief and little knowledge then do in any manner you feel the best on your website to optimize it or make it search engine friendly. Here you go for your First SEO Mistake…

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Basic understanding before starting SEO

I am assuming for your existing website or a webblog. Whether you’re just beginning with your first website, or have a few and still wondering how to get them on Google’s radar (May be Dreaming for #1, if I am not Wrong), I have some organic SEO guidelines (ethical practice) for Search Engine Optimization that you can digest easily. Alternatively, You can always pay to advertise on the web, like Yahoo, Facebook and Google AdWords, Click-Bank, Ad-Banners, Etc; but using organic search results to their fullest prospective is a very smart move which stands genuine and long-duration.

If you treat me seriously by following my advice or instructions; My Tips will help your website / Blog overall in Rankings Online, but Google dominates almost ¾ of the Internet’s entire search results, and thus gets our consideration and lots of efforts to fulfill it.

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Commonly executed tips & tricks For Your Business’s Facebook Fan Page

Online marketing is all time favourite juicy activity to gain business via relation & reputation. I am fan of social networking and discussion (Forum) website. Many business owners and entrepreneurs had overlooked the opportunity for the very long time, but suddenly they realize the power & impact of online presence.

Facebook is facing terrible competition since long with leading social sites like Twitter, Orkut, Linked-In, Google+, MySpace and others. Facebook is one the fastest growing & industry leading social media / network and its users are increasing rapidly by month on month. Due to its giant users / addicted community, it takes no time to accept its influence over the market and unbelievable popularity. Leading companies have started en-cashing business opportunities and publicity with Facebook.  It is suitable for a company / enterprise to create a dynamic Facebook fan-page, publish their Profile, Products, achievements, area of expertise and current clients / projects; However, setting up a Facebook page that receive many “Likes” or having potential visitors with having a massive fan-base is never an easy task in this tight competition.

What is the First Thing a Visitor will see after landing on your Website or Fan Page ??

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Essential Factors for SEO Success

I just came out with an idea and would like to discuss with you. SEO is having its huge demand in the market. But the problem is – What makes it perfect and result oriented?

  • Designing and building a website alone cannot assurance its success. A well-planned SEO campaign (Majority SEO Experts Recommends) is what makes your websites Popular, Favourable and Profitable with major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and other local SEs.

  • You often hear that what matters in SEO are constantly changing (Whether Page Rank, Google Panda Update – Algorithm or Trend), but I think the nitty-gritty are actually pretty static. There are always trends for any marketing strategy and occasionally there seems to be promising changes, but thankfully it’s a lot less whimsical than some like to make out.

I just want to share what’s going on in my mind for SEO Essentials.

Fresh, Real & Enjoyable Content

  • Freshness is an exhortation at the moment (Especially after Panda Update). Principally, you need to update your content on a regular basis (It is a necessity to stand in the crowd). Put together a plan which suits best to your visitors and as per your website theme -> To add X pages every X days, depending on how much time you have to give to it with Qualitative AND Informative AND Subjective SEO contents.

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