Essential Factors for SEO Success

I just came out with an idea and would like to discuss with you. SEO is having its huge demand in the market. But the problem is – What makes it perfect and result oriented?

  • Designing and building a website alone cannot assurance its success. A well-planned SEO campaign (Majority SEO Experts Recommends) is what makes your websites Popular, Favourable and Profitable with major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and other local SEs.

  • You often hear that what matters in SEO are constantly changing (Whether Page Rank, Google Panda Update – Algorithm or Trend), but I think the nitty-gritty are actually pretty static. There are always trends for any marketing strategy and occasionally there seems to be promising changes, but thankfully it’s a lot less whimsical than some like to make out.

I just want to share what’s going on in my mind for SEO Essentials.

Fresh, Real & Enjoyable Content

  • Freshness is an exhortation at the moment (Especially after Panda Update). Principally, you need to update your content on a regular basis (It is a necessity to stand in the crowd). Put together a plan which suits best to your visitors and as per your website theme -> To add X pages every X days, depending on how much time you have to give to it with Qualitative AND Informative AND Subjective SEO contents.

Sharing of View & Contents

  • I’m still not sure about Google +1 but there are reports (By Authorities) that it may affect results in search results. In a way it’s a throbbing for SEOs. It truly takes off then, we will have problems (To stable with rankings). Links from Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon and Delicious are, actually, very important. We have to wait till the contents appear in future. On the Twitter front – It is other people Tweeting your content / story / question that seems to be more important, rather than you tweeting your own. I need to try to get both and compare.

Linking as a Responsibility

  • Link-building a juicy & lucrative stuff, when used astutely can increase the visibility / popularity of your websites and improve your search engine ranking. However, ethical practices are better than ‘link-farming’. Nowadays, thousand of fishy or spammy site links hurt your ranking and site’s trust rank. So, a dozen links from high authority thematic websites would be better than links from a thousand of low quality websites. The better directories (human edited and quality conscious) are still worth having but you have to control low quality links. It’s old recommendation but it seems that people still don’t understand it; get your anchor text right and go for deep links into your site. Most profiles, I under gone still principally to the home page (index page) and by a noteworthy degree produces better.

Keywords – Which attracts visitors as well as please SEs

  • Though Google has declared that, it doesn’t use the keyword Meta tag in web ranking, but other search engines like Bing, Ask and Yahoo still considering it. So, just to be assured, do an extensive keyword research (Remember, It is at-most important) and place relevant keywords in the keywords Meta tag and be sure about, the targeted page does have content related to those keywords (In terms of Keyword prominence, Keyword Proximity). The thumb-rule to success is — Keywords are not made for SEs to rank high but It is always been an indicator of your web-pages which visitors can easily understand and agree to visit again and again.

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Title and Description Tags

  • The title and description Meta tags are also being used by search engines, as the text for search results snippets. A Title (Tag Image) and Description (Preface) of the page briefly describes the content within that page. So a suitable Title and Description for each of your pages helps your viewers to know, if it is your website that they are looking for. Be sure that, the content of the page is supportive, relevant and qualitative to its visitors and also adequate for title and description tags.

Sitemaps the path of successful visits

  • A well-designed sitemap (HTML & XML) ensures that, your website pages are good enough and indexed by search engines. Therefore, creating (constructive) and submitting a sitemap will doubtlessly help your website rank better with search engines. It is a path for visitor to see all of your page’s hierarchy.

Online marketing  – A Vital Battle

  • Owning a website its like just owning a company without infrastructure. Without an influential Online Marketing Strategy, your website may not reach people who would otherwise have been your customers. A highly oriented service and superfine content are helpful for your online business expand. You should know – whom to hire, when to hire and for what to hire….

Designing for a Responsive Web (Be with Time and Change the Platform Whenever Required)

  • An approachable web design is the ‘In-Thing’ in competitive digital space where Mobile, Tablet and Smart-Phone (Iphone – Ipod) usage is unbelievably but steadily taking over PC usage. So Digital Media Agencies are switching to build websites that are not only desktop-compatible but are also optimized for Mobile, Tablets and Smart Phones. So, Be up-to-date and be trendsetter for your company.