Basic understanding before starting SEO

I am assuming for your existing website or a webblog. Whether you’re just beginning with your first website, or have a few and still wondering how to get them on Google’s radar (May be Dreaming for #1, if I am not Wrong), I have some organic SEO guidelines (ethical practice) for Search Engine Optimization that you can digest easily. Alternatively, You can always pay to advertise on the web, like Yahoo, Facebook and Google AdWords, Click-Bank, Ad-Banners, Etc; but using organic search results to their fullest prospective is a very smart move which stands genuine and long-duration.

If you treat me seriously by following my advice or instructions; My Tips will help your website / Blog overall in Rankings Online, but Google dominates almost ¾ of the Internet’s entire search results, and thus gets our consideration and lots of efforts to fulfill it.

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Commonly executed tips & tricks For Your Business’s Facebook Fan Page

Online marketing is all time favourite juicy activity to gain business via relation & reputation. I am fan of social networking and discussion (Forum) website. Many business owners and entrepreneurs had overlooked the opportunity for the very long time, but suddenly they realize the power & impact of online presence.

Facebook is facing terrible competition since long with leading social sites like Twitter, Orkut, Linked-In, Google+, MySpace and others. Facebook is one the fastest growing & industry leading social media / network and its users are increasing rapidly by month on month. Due to its giant users / addicted community, it takes no time to accept its influence over the market and unbelievable popularity. Leading companies have started en-cashing business opportunities and publicity with Facebook.  It is suitable for a company / enterprise to create a dynamic Facebook fan-page, publish their Profile, Products, achievements, area of expertise and current clients / projects; However, setting up a Facebook page that receive many “Likes” or having potential visitors with having a massive fan-base is never an easy task in this tight competition.

What is the First Thing a Visitor will see after landing on your Website or Fan Page ??

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