Commonly executed tips & tricks For Your Business’s Facebook Fan Page

Online marketing is all time favourite juicy activity to gain business via relation & reputation. I am fan of social networking and discussion (Forum) website. Many business owners and entrepreneurs had overlooked the opportunity for the very long time, but suddenly they realize the power & impact of online presence.

Facebook is facing terrible competition since long with leading social sites like Twitter, Orkut, Linked-In, Google+, MySpace and others. Facebook is one the fastest growing & industry leading social media / network and its users are increasing rapidly by month on month. Due to its giant users / addicted community, it takes no time to accept its influence over the market and unbelievable popularity. Leading companies have started en-cashing business opportunities and publicity with Facebook.  It is suitable for a company / enterprise to create a dynamic Facebook fan-page, publish their Profile, Products, achievements, area of expertise and current clients / projects; However, setting up a Facebook page that receive many “Likes” or having potential visitors with having a massive fan-base is never an easy task in this tight competition.

What is the First Thing a Visitor will see after landing on your Website or Fan Page ??

Most of them will probably click on the “Wall” or the “Info” and if nothing find enthralling than result is obvious that, they will leave your page with a disappointment.

Don’t miss the advantage of when visitors “Like” your page and become a fan; Is because they will be updated from time to time with latest things you published. You may nourish their requirement or thrust of knowledge by posting superior posts regularly and make them aware. With the Static FBML application, which renders HTML and FBML on Facebook Pages, you are now given more options to design your Facebook page (Custom Face Book Fan Page with Design and relevant coding).

I am sure some of you have stumble-upon Facebook page or done social canvassing that makes others a wonder “How is that even possible?”. I will feed your curiosity with some tips and tricks and also explain how to give your Facebook page a boost, which really matters.

Ø      Wise Use of “Call-To-Action” Graphics

Please consider this tiny trick more than an advice. Every Webmaster will try level best to make your Facebook landing page in such manner that; It converts visitors into Fans. Place an elegant & eye-catchy Call-to-Action Graphic in the Landing Tab, this will help getting more “Likes” from your visitors.

Ø      Audio-Visual Presentation (Embedding YouTube Video)

An Image representation is needed whenever you place a video and that will become indirect way of visual presentation for your visitors. Facebook does not allow you to run flash instantly, so you need to launch it with a click, and until then you see the picture instead. So, choose a picture that relates with your video; It should attract & enforce visitors to click and play.

Ø      Hiding content from non-Fans

This can be use as a brainteaser to encourage visitors to “Like” your page and become a fan. It gives you a clean and decent look too.

facebook fanpage tips

Ø      Products commenting / Reviews / Feedback

This feature is enormous for setting a little Store under your Facebook Business Page. This will categorize your products, give easy navigation and your products get liked and commented separately by visitors. It will beneficial because you may handle:

Unique identifier of the Items you put comments on; and to which Likes and Comments will stick on those categories or on your wall.

Ø      Spread your Fan Page to others with Insert “Share Button”

With this most renowned [Button] you can have Facebookers share almost anything. Put the URL you wish to share in the code and once a person uses the Share button, all his/ her friends will see this URL in their news feed. It will useful to make others aware about latest updates at your Fan Page or Website.

Ø      Insert Flash Content (Quick View)

Again a handy / self-explanatory and elegant picture / photo is required to show before gunning for Flash presentation: Remember that, you need a preview image which people will see before they launch Flash. That will be pretty good for quick view.

Ø      Smart & Sophisticated Presentation with Image Rollover

Many webmasters are taking huge advantage out of this feature. People can go rather creative about this trick and create their own Image Rollover and catch attention of visitors, but it’s really simple to do with HTML + CSS, which is supported by FBML box. So, manage your own way to cater potential clients.

Ø      Judge your Marketing Campaign – Track with Google Analytics

Facebook Analytics system has limited information to analyze. You need not have to worry about…You can set Google Analytics on your Facebook page. So Cheers !!

Place a small line at the top of your FBML code and in a couple of hours you’ll see stats in Google Analytics. G.A has latest features and social signals, so you may get handy reports as you wish…

Ø      Add “Invite Your Friends” Box – Invite to Join

This is typically a standalone box, which is really hard to embed to a page design, but I am sure programmers will take care of it. However, this is probably the best solution for page footer, as your visitors can instantly choose some of their friends and send them invitations to your page. It will boost Reputation, Likes, Customers too.

Ø      Pop-up dialog

If there’s too much content (some of the content is not for any visitors) on your page, You may hide some parts of it (Do Categories / Generalize) under the pop-up boxes. The code adds a text link, which results in a pop-up dialog text box. It looks pretty good to see and navigate. It is well organize manner to display your products.