Basic understanding before starting SEO

I am assuming for your existing website or a webblog. Whether you’re just beginning with your first website, or have a few and still wondering how to get them on Google’s radar (May be Dreaming for #1, if I am not Wrong), I have some organic SEO guidelines (ethical practice) for Search Engine Optimization that you can digest easily. Alternatively, You can always pay to advertise on the web, like Yahoo, Facebook and Google AdWords, Click-Bank, Ad-Banners, Etc; but using organic search results to their fullest prospective is a very smart move which stands genuine and long-duration.

If you treat me seriously by following my advice or instructions; My Tips will help your website / Blog overall in Rankings Online, but Google dominates almost ¾ of the Internet’s entire search results, and thus gets our consideration and lots of efforts to fulfill it.

Lets understand some facts about area of search results & competition

Google is integrated into various websites, profiles, directories, social networks, blogs and pretty much everything on the web that you may find and use on regular basis. It is a huge data-base and having data centers across the globe to store GOOGOL Amount of informative pages (A “Googol” is 10^100, 10 to the 100th Power, or the Number represented by a 1 followed by 100 zeroes. A “GoogolPlex” is 10^Googol, Out of Imagination); So if you have any grudges against them, Now is the time to wake-up and run. You won’t get anywhere online if you’re not implementing the Search Engine’s guidelines (Organic SEO Tips and Guidelines).

There are no pro-claimed Methods (Tricks & Revealed Techniques) that Guarantee any spots on Google’s Rankings. You have already come to know about the fact that its not a cup of tea for every Webmaster to claim the #1 after accessing the large amount of web-pages lying with potential information as your strong competitor from any corner of our universe. It can be a myth or fake advertisement to claim #1 or page –1 position within short duration with tiny $$ amount. Beware from Fishy Advertisements.!!!

There’s no hidden formula or magic and no cheating (tricks) that can do to get your site to the top of the ranking. You can execute everything without worry; which I recommend on this post, but at the end of the day, Google will rank your website / blog after evaluating necessary factors of your website at deserving position. However, I can assure you that, if you follow these steps (SEO Guidelines) religiously and in regular practice, you will be in great shape after couple of months with immense satisfaction.