Simple SEO Guidelines for all webmasters – 2012

When optimizing your own or client’s website, it is utmost important to know (and stick closely to) the webmaster guidelines of the three major search engines: Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Miss out to follow these guidelines or treated guidelines lightly could result in your website’s penalty by the search engines (In Ranking or / and Page Rank loss). In the worst scenario, results in the removal of your website from search results or de-indexing entirely. In their guidelines, which are being published periodically, the search giants outline things (i.e. Google Panda Updates or Penguin Update), that website owners should do (and not do) to ensure that their web pages are visible in the search engines and appropriate for related community.

Onsite / On Page SEO Factors for 2012

1. Generating Unique, Authentic, User-Friendly and quality information ‘Content’ on subjective topics / Industry specific topics.

It is does not necessary to write in a superior manner that can be understood by highly qualified persons, but you should write in an ideal manner with unique quality content which make every visitor a happy reading. Keep in mind – Content is KING.

2. Customized ‘URL Structure’ based on targeted keywords.

Your URL structure is a main part that will be observed by visitors and search engine crawlers. You should construct it properly so that crawler can easily access your web-page. More over, from URL itself, visitors can also understand or having generalize idea about your web-page, its matter and area of information you are covering.

3. Write unique ‘Title Tags’ for each page. Give your page a descent Introduction.

Title indicates the high value. Every page represents something special. It must have a unique & meaningful title instead of “Untitled” or “Index” or “Name of the Company”…. It has importance in SEO to identify relevancy of the page with search result and content as well.

4. Create related ‘Description Tags’ for each page.

You may description your web-page in briefly. What it is all about, what you offer, what will be the topic or main paints to cover and how it will help visitor / reader / regular subscriber. It can be used to increase CTR (Click Through Rate) because – In Search Query – visitors first see your appealing / lucrative Title and Meta Description and then decide whether that search results (i.e your search results page) is relative to their needs.

5. Choose related ‘Meta Keywords’ for pages.

Target your keywords according to priorities. Don’t just let add your keywords stuffed in Meta Keywords tag. You may arrange keywords page-wise. You may target most important keywords at your Home Page or main Service page and then arrange remaining keywords (secondary keywords) to other respective web-pages.

6. Let not just Images unseen. ‘Alt Tags’ for Images.

Many website owner’s just let put images on pages for specific topics, but they forgot about crawlers which would not understand images. Be smart to use ALT Tag to narrate or represent Images for crawlers. Write a bit words or use important keywords of the page in Alt Tag.

7. Create Meaningful Headings ‘Header Tags’ (H1 to H6).

Header tags are most effective and important aspect to represent topics and sub topics. It’s simply give an overview about what you are offering by just a word or two. Use H1 tag which introduce entire page. Use H2 tags for main topics or areas that are wide and others points would be covered under. Use H3 – H6 tag for as title for inner topics and descriptive notes.

8. Be sure to tie strongly ‘Internal Linking Structure’.

As you know about Hierarchy of website, this is the second most critical part to handle for larger websites (more than 200 pages). Webmasters get confused sometimes about importance of internal linking. It tells visitors and crawlers about inter relevancy and navigation between subsequent topics or web pages. Make sure to have a link to other topics or main topics which easily guide visitors about how to surf your entire website.

SEO Tips and Guidelines 2012