Qualities of a Good Link Builder – A Guide for Beginners

In many ways, link building is an art, commerce and science.  While it might seem quite clear-cut and technically sound, there’s a shocking amount of creative skills that move into identifying and pleading likely link building opportunities as part of an overall digital marketing strategy in Internet Marketing.

Please keep in mind; everyone working in the SEO field currently is not necessarily suitable for link building in proper manner. Whether you’re planning to hire a link builder to join your team or you’re outsourcing the projects to a professional link building company, kindly consider who meets the following criteria.

A quality link builder bears following criteria:

Curious & Prompt – In the world of SEO, there are no “sure thing”, “tactics”, “quick rich formulas” techniques that guarantee good search performances and high ranking fortnightly.  As a result, link builders need to be curious and conscious enough to explore what’s working (and what isn’t) – set goals and priorities instead of taking standard practices into implementation.

Planned & Organized – At the same time, the incredible amount of data are being executed means that; link builders must be familiar with monthly plans and organized to keep track of link building practices like link exchange, links built, blog rolls, forum posting, blog commenting and any follow-ups which are important to bring promising results.

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Persistent without frustration – Potential link partners aren’t in rush to create these valuable connections or relation building (link building), It means; link builders must be persistent and focused to work vigorously. Following up and cross verification of successful request at appropriate intervals is one factor in appreciable link building process.

Attentive to details – When determining whether or not a link prospect is a good fit for your company’s marketing aims, there are a numerous criteria that should be considered – from relevancy of content, targeted audience, the linking site’s genuine Page-Rank to its traffic on monthly basis, number of existing outgoing links on the same page, etc.  As a result, who aren’t non-attentive will waste time pursuing non-productive links.

Self-motivated – As we know and familiar with tedious tasks of link building on regular basis, it sometimes considered as monotonous. A good link builder knows how to be motivated and get the work done successfully – even if his efforts don’t immediately result in measurable SERPs gains or sometimes even rejections.

Knowledgeable about SEO Updates – Apparently, as link building is an SEO function, it’s essential that link builders should understand how their work justifies into an overall strategy. The ongoing SEO training on off-page optimization techniques are a must for these backbones. As we know knowledge is power; and that will boost their active participation and engage them productively in tactical SEO planning.

Skilled with HTML & CSS – The links are (anchor text) essentially part that connect two websites – hyperlink, a working knowledge of basic HTML is fundamental for link builders. Though in major cases, it’s the referring website (partner’s website) that will host the link. The link-builders may be aware and access tags to manage links.

Enthusiastic to adopt new updates and be Eager to grasp Learning – Although ongoing training is crucial for link builders – and still there are plethora of resources available online for practicing this information – these guys should carry an instinct / burning desire to learn latest updates and improve their skills professionally.

Influential and Smart – Recurrently, building links requires that our SEO team-members convince sources to add referral links (our links) to their relevant sites. The understanding of negotiation practices, for-casting and advocacy ability is a “must have” for any professional link builder.